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Preserving one personal data is an important issue and CNT EUROPE wishes that one feels safe while visiting the website. Privacy protection is a major issue while processing one’s personal data.

Using the website depends on your consent, unreservedly, conditions or changes. Providing your personal data means to be aware and accepting the conditions herewith contained. So, by providing your personal data, you are authorizing to collect, use and disclosure of the data among the companies which belong to CNT EUROPE, in accordance to the herewith established rules, namely not using information relating the users and that has been provided by these without their authorization, except for the purpose they were intended;

In the scope of the activity, CNT EUROPE proceeds to the collection and personal data treatment, namely those that are considered necessary to the service provisions and the pursuit of its commercial activity. Overall, the personal data collected are aimed at the management of the contractual relationship, contracted service provisions, to adapt the services to the needs and interest of the Client, information activities, marketing, among other purposes. The entity responsible to collect and data processing is the company from CNT EUROPE which delivers the service and that within the context decides which data are collected, the means to process the data and their purposes.

Our staff are obliged to a confidentiality commitment and absolute secrecy about data they might have access to, being engaged to use them within the strict purpose they have been collected.

CNT EUROPE complies with the best practices in the domain of safety and personal data protection, having for this purpose ongoing reasonable measures enforceable according to the current technical knowledge to avoid loss, misuse, change, illicit intrusion and subtraction of personal data. However, the company warns that no transmission method or electronic storage is totally safe, so CNT EUROPE cannot ensure that the data are not seen by thirds.

The time span during which the data are stored and kept, varies according to the purpose for which the information is handled. In those cases, that there is no legal specific demand, the data are stored and kept for a minimum time range needed for the purposes that have boosted their collection or treatment or by the time range authorized by the National Commission of Data Protection.

In accordance to the disposition in the Data Protection Regulation, the holder of the personal data provided can, at any time, claim the right to access, correct and cancel any personal data provided. This can be claimed via email:, or by written request to Rua do Anjo n.º 27, 4700-565 Mire de Tibães – Braga.

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